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The simple way to educate! An early math experience enhanced by movement, activities and eclectic music styles that engage a young child's brain and body. It's easy to promote active learning, encourage higher thinking skills, and expand on MATH activities for a greater level of understanding with a CD that includes counting, shapes, patterning, sequencing, comparing, spatial awareness, money, and more!! Musical elements such as a steady beat, rhythm, melody, and tempo possess inherent mathematical principles that are built upon to make math active and fun!

  • Song List: 
    1. Down & Up I Go    1:00
    2. I Can Make a Straight Line    2:08
    3. We Count With Numbers  3:25
    4. Let’s Find a Triangle    1:37
    5. Five Finger Marching Band    1:39
    6. Two Clapping Hands    2:16
    7. Shake It    2:04
    8. Oops    1:54
    9. Patterns    3:22
    10. Count from 1-100    2:21
    11. Making Shapes    2:49
    12. Moving Numbers    1:46
    13. You are Next to Me    2:03
    14. When I See Shapes    3:08
    15. Time Goes Around     1:15
    16. Spend a Penny    1:41


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Math Music & Motion CD

Math Music & Motion CD

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